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We at Timeless Toys have a simple philosophy.  Toys should be fun, they should be simple and easy to use, and they should stimulate the imagination and creativity of the child.  Mostly toys should bring happiness and joy to those who choose to play with them.

At Timeless Toys, we started our Bubble Business selling our Giant Australian Designed and Made Bubble Wands about 20 years ago, at Markets, Fairs, Fetes, Festivals, Schools and Kindergartens.

Over the years, Community Groups, Schools, Scouts, Child Care Centres and Kindergartens have used our Bubble Wands, successfully at their Fundraising events.

In response to requests for more Old World Toys, we have added our Porcelain Bird Water Whistles, another toy from Yesteryear. By adding a little water to the whistle you can make the sounds of birds warbling in the trees. Another simple, fun activity.

We will be adding more toys and collectables to our range. We hope you can enjoy them as we do.

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