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Wholesale  Bubble Wand  &  Water  Whistle Information

We supply a Bubble Mix Recipe with each Wand so customers can make there own Bubble solution at home.

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giant bubble wand size

Bubble Wands are Made from Flexible Plastic

625 mm

225 mm

Bubble Wands

Designed & Made in Australia

Porcelain Bird Water Whistles  Wholesale

Simply add a small amount of water, blow, and our amazing Bird Whistle is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face the moment you try it.  Different bird calls can be achieved by varying your breath strength.  Porcelain Bird Whistles are environmentally safe, and have no plastic taste.

Bubble Wands & Water Whistles Sell Best When  Demonstrated.  We Include Full Instructions On How To Sell Both Products.

Bubble Wands tops come in seven Bright colours, Pink, Purple, Green, Yellow, Red, Light Blue and Dark Blue, the handles come in four colours, Blue, Yellow, Pink & Purple.  Mix & match as needed.


For wholesale customers, Community Groups, Schools, Child Care Centres, Fundraisers, Kindergartens ect,  a Bubble sign and tips on demonstrating and selling the Bubble Wands is supplied with your order. In order to keep postage costs to a minimum the wands are supplied in two parts. A small amount of assembly is required.

A Demonstration Mix is also available, if needed makes great Bubbles in difficult conditions windy days ect,  A 1 litre bottle of concentrate makes 7 to 8 litres of ready to use Bubble Mix.  You can also make your own Bubble Mix from the recipes that come with the Bubble Wands.

Products can be Combined in Parcels or Post Office Satchels to save on postage.

Payment can be made by Direct Deposit into our bank account or you can send us a Money Order or Cheque.

Bubble Wands & Mix Wholesale Prices

50 Bubble Wands    @  $1.80 each

100 Bubble Wands  @  $1.70 each

200 Bubble Wands  @  $1.60 each

1 litre Concentrate   @  $10.00 each

Plus GST & Postage

For larger orders please contact us.

Rec. retail price is  $4.00 to $5.00

water whistle

25  Water Whistles    @   $1.80 each 

50  Water Whistles    @   $1.60 each 

100 Water Whistles   @   $1.40 each

Plus GST & Postage 

Recommended retail price is

$4.00 to $5.00

Water Whistles Wholesale Prices

Click For Bubble Wand Photos
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For orders please email:

or phone: 03 97363864

water whistle designs

Please quote whistle numbers when ordering.  Approximate size 5 cm high x 6 cm wide

Click For Water Whistle sound

For orders please phone or email

Phone: 03 97363864

Email: sales@timelesstoys.com.au

Top Selling Line For Markets Fetes Festivals & Fundraising.

to the bubble factory